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A Proud History

Donawitz Auto is now led by Dan “Duke” Donawitz. As a family business, Donawitz Auto has stayed true to the principles established by our founder, Edward Donawitz.

Donawitz auto history

The 3rd Generation

Dan "Duke" Donawitz Jr. becomes the 3rd Generation Owner of Donawitz Auto.

2020 - Present

Joining The Team

Dan "Duke" Donawitz Jr. officially joins the family business.


1200 Vehicles

Donawitz Auto adds 1200 vehicles to their yard.


The Growing Years

Edward Donawitz passes the business down to his son Danny Donawitz.

1970s - 1980s

A Fresh Start

Edward Donawitz, an entrepreneur and innovator, buys Gene Cox's Auto Wrecking.


The Beginning

Gene Cox's Auto Wrecking was founded by Eugene Cox. Mr. Cox provided the community with used parts for their vehicles for almost twenty years.


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